Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poppies and Pinafores

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Modern Sunflower

I managed to make jumpers for the girls with cotton that came all the way from Korea! The material is soft and sturdy and perfect for transitioning into Spring. Noelle of course had to be bribed with apples and Ellie is just impossible to shoot, but I managed to get a couple good photos.

I cut out the jumper pattern for Noelle a long while ago so this back detail happened because, well, she grew!? duh. I thought it was cute:

Listening to my crazy babies naddering on and seeing them gleefully running about wreaking havoc (yes, Ellie is now zooming around at the speed of light and almost ready to walk...WHAT?) I am just so grateful to have joyful, healthy children. Thank you, Jesus, it is your work and light I see in them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ummashin Beginnings

My sister Sarah and I
The begininnings of ummashin's goodies, you ask?
My mother's mom lived with us growing up and provided all three of my siblings (and herself) with handmade clothes. Party and recital dresses, flower girl dresses, pullovers, cardigans, overalls, pajamas, and little sweater pantsuits like the one pictured above. She used a knitting machine but I also remember distinctly a pair of intricately patterened mittens that seemed to fly out of her clicking needles and a crocheted lace baby dress that is stored in my mom's house because it is indeed a treasure. I remember visiting our cousins and she brought this fine soft yarn and the thinnest needles and somehow there was a sweater for my cousin in the morning.
My grandma was the one who gave me the crafting bug and taught me how to sew, knit, and crochet. I would spend hours in her room hanging out (watching 90210 and Matlock, hahah!) My grandma was larger than life and when she passed away when I was 13 it left a big hole in my heart.
However, the bright point that emerged from the great loss was that it brought me closer to my mother. She took the handmade reins and went flying and has been a constant source of support and inspiration in my own handmade journey. Now that I have children it is such a blessing to be able to provide them with clothes made with my love.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Inspirations

Today's weather sums up March's temperamental perfectly...freak 10-minute a.m. snowfall followed by a gorgeous, fresh-smelling sunny day in the 40s. Hello Spring! Make up your mind!
Here are two SPRING inspired beanies, one a little more hot-tempered than the other, modeled by sweet Ellie. Can't have flowers without rain, but here's to a few more sunny days, eh?

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