Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Sewing

Summer is finally here, and I finally had time to reunite with my Janome...
I had to literally dust her off poor thing.
Using Shannon's nifty FREE reversible project bag tutorial I finally made myself a project bag.
The pattern is so clearly written and was a great way to get my sewing legs back.

I used the same fabric for the whole bag, but I don't think it diminished the cuteness factor at all!
This random calico print reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.
Cute corners to help the bag stand up...
pinning, and sewing. I used to be lazy about this but the pinning is essential for a cleaner look.
This bag is such a great size, perfect for socks or bigger WIPs.
I used bias tape instead of cording. Need to find something a bit sturdier but this will do for now.
I'm so glad I dove back in!
Happy Weekend, y'all.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Leafy Bias

So yeah, it's my birthday...and i'm cuddled up in a brand new shawl...happy birthday to me!

the pattern is Leafy Bias by Susan Ashcroft.
She is such a prolific designer and I noticed that her simple patterns are really all about the yarn, which I appreciate.
The yarn is Malabrigo "Rastita" in colorway Aguas
Sooo soft but the leaves. 

It's long enough so I can easily wear it like a scarf 
(how I prefer my shawls) without worrying it will unwrap.

I loved knitting these leaves! It was such an interesting knit but not overly complicated.

Artistic guitar shot. Haha.
I love my new shawl to distraction.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

happy feet

Slightly embarrassing factoid about these socks...apparently I cast them on almost a year ago! What the? Anyway, they're finally done and boy are my feet happy!
look at the cute happy stripes.
I honestly didn't want to take them off to take this shot! haha.
My gauge weirdly has changed significantly between socks, so one is a bit bigger than the other. But who's going to be looking at them side by side? 
It's not a beauty contest. I refuse to let it bother me. 

The short-row heel.
I used JSSBO as the bind-off. 
It's a little loose but I have weeny little calves so I wasn't expecting them to be anything but.
This little person definitely enjoys them too!
happy hump day!