Wednesday, June 5, 2013

happy feet

Slightly embarrassing factoid about these socks...apparently I cast them on almost a year ago! What the? Anyway, they're finally done and boy are my feet happy!
look at the cute happy stripes.
I honestly didn't want to take them off to take this shot! haha.
My gauge weirdly has changed significantly between socks, so one is a bit bigger than the other. But who's going to be looking at them side by side? 
It's not a beauty contest. I refuse to let it bother me. 

The short-row heel.
I used JSSBO as the bind-off. 
It's a little loose but I have weeny little calves so I wasn't expecting them to be anything but.
This little person definitely enjoys them too!
happy hump day!

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  1. these are seriously fantastic!!! i love the colours! what yarn did you use? and what pattern? so happy indeed!! xo