Saturday, February 14, 2009


or venaga, as the bottle label in my parent's house says.

I was skeptical at first as to the virtues of this humble household substance, but it does a mighty fine job of getting rid of some of the most hideous odors. For example, no amount of washing seemed to get the old formula smell out of the bottle I left sitting out overnight...but a swish with vinegar solution and a quick rinse and BAM! Rotten milk odor obliterated! It also gets Noelle's toys squeaky clean, and that's great since EVERYTHING is a potential chew toy these days. It even breaks down the most powerful of odors - KIMCHI.
And at 89 cents a bottle, it is the most cost-effective natural solution out there....LOVE IT!

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  1. Oh and it's great for getting the salt off leather shoes. Vinegar/water mixture!