Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Persimmon Blossom

When I saw the orange and turquoise Fleur d' Orange dress by Katy of the blog No Big Dill that was inspired by The Sartorialist I thought it was a match made in heaven. Katy's blog is not only a great read because of the beautiful sewing and crafts, but also because of the fierce love for her family that is reflected in her words.
I was inspired in turn to make something in orange and blue...this is the result:

Persimmon Blossom now available in the Shop
The cotton yarn colors are persimmon and seaspray.
The butterfly jumper is a simple pattern from One Yard Wonders which was the first sewing book I ever bought. The vintage buttons are non-functional and I crossed the straps in the back to accommodate Noelle's body. I just love the whimsy of the whole look, and my little boogie monster certainly got into this photo session as you can see!


  1. That is adorable! You're right - that color combo is awesome!

    I just got One-yard Wonders for Christmas and I want to make that jumper, yours turned out so cute !:)

  2. Thanks Kathryn! Honestly I mostly used the measurements for the pattern pieces as a reference and kind of did my own thing with the dress...I didn't bother with interfacing or buttonholes and that made for a quicker sew.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    Your blog comment made me smile this morning! Thanks for stopping by. It's fun to find a new friend in my inbox. :)

    I'm just going back to my photography business, fyi! I'm meeting with some clients tomorrow.

    My daughter Amanda will be so excited to see your beautiful crochet creations!!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better through this blog -

  4. Awww, so adorable! Love all the new headbands - so cute! And that color combo is so fresh! I loved Katy's dress as well.
    Thanks for your comment, made me smile this morning and yes, you're right, Attic24 always brings a smile to my face :) Crochet goodness.
    Have a great day!