Thursday, August 11, 2011

Country Kid Pants and Sewing for Me

I used made's Kid Pants tutorial and sewed some breezy late summer pants for Noelle. She styled herself with the pink shirt and barrettes. I thought that was the look but then she spied my necklace on top of the jewelry box and insisted on wearing that too. Whatever.

After I made my first skirt eons ago using rows and rows of elastic thread, I kept telling myself that I should make more because it turned out cute and was pretty simple. But the Simple Skirt pattern by made is REALLY simple. I changed it a bit for myself. I used a 1.5-1 waist ratio as she instructs, but I took the extra step of folding the fabric in half and cutting a very slight a-line shape from the waist down. I also used 1.5 inch elastic for the waistband.

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