Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Random Things

Noelle's 25 things (in the first person)

1.I have four crooked teeth, two on the bottom that are fully out and two on the top.
2.I like to grind my teeth together and worry my umma.
3.I really like the fuzzy yellow polka dot blanket. Umma thinks this will be my security blankie.
4.If mom holds me and then passes me off to daddy, I get teary-eyed.
5.I love Amy Winehouse. She's the JAM.
6.My new favorite toy is Pooh Bear from Aunt Michelle.
7.I can play by myself for hours if I have my stacking rings.
8.I can roll over at the speed of lightning, from one end of the room to the other.
9.I have developed catlike ways (see pic). I love to play with yarn and sharpen my little claws on the upholstery.
10.I have eczema.
11.I get a fatty attitude when I'm eating sweet potatoes. Umma is too slow with the spoon, yo!
12.The word I like to say the most is "Ah-Dah".
13.I weighed nearly 23 pounds the last time I went to the doctor. Fat girls rule.
14.My eyes glaze over when watching FSC (Fox Soccer Channel).
15.I believe bath time is the right time for some wicked fun (i.e. fartin' bubbles).
16.If left to my own chewing devices, rubber ducky would no longer have a face.
17.I have begun to make "extreme poo" to the disgusted amazement of both umma and apah.
18.I have concocted an evil plan to get whatever I want from my daddy - look straight into his eyes and say "ah-pah?" and then smile ear to ear. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
19.I like to stand up but crawling gives me the creeps (get it?)
20.I have morning hair 24 hours a day. "No more tangles" my a$$
21.My favorite thing to sing is "woawoawoa" at the top of my little lungs.
22. Once I'm down for the night, a train could pass through the room and I'd still would not wake up.
23.I like cheapie plastic bottles. Bougie bottles can suck it (get it?)
24.I have VERY high-self esteem, much like umma. I'M THE PRETTIEST!
25.My favorite thing to wear is nothing. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Fat.


  1. I miss her! and I feel like I'm missing all the good stuff! The grinding is normal. I'm listening to my baby do it too and he's three.

  2. Haha. Oh my gosh, I love this.