Monday, October 31, 2011

Keeping Warm

Ellie had her first experience with snow on Saturday:
The snow can be quite a bother especially in the middle of winter when we have to dig out our cars and shovel ourselves out of our houses. But watching N and E watching the snow, it was a moment for me, for sure.

I am a freak and I LOVE the cold. Especially when I have an army of cozy accessories for me and my mini-mes...Oh, yes I did:
I made the Gap-tastic Cowl using double-stranded DK merino Style yarn from Knit-Picks. It is so soft but also sturdy. I think to wear something that you made yourself also adds an emotional element to clothes that is really indescribable. I just call it "happy".  Happy in Gray cowl.

So, of course mini-mes need to stay warm too. She wanted a pink one so I made a seed-stitch cowl using Bernat Roving. It is feathery soft and light and the color is bright and happy. I know I choose the same colors over and over, but if it ain't broke...

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  1. Oh my gosh, it's snowing there already? LOVE these pics of the girls!! And that cowl looks great on you. :)