Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally, Aidez

I cast on this sweater as part of the Aidez KAL hosted by celticcaston, 
but I just got majorly distracted by, well, life I guess. 
I'm glad my mojo finally decided to grace me with its presence again because it's finally done.

I knit mine in Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Vaa.
It's difficult to capture the color properly, but I like to think of it as a sea monster colorway. 
My seaming was quite wonkified, esp. in the neck area. 
But hey, no one is coming at me with a magnifying glass or anything.
Super helpful Helpful seaming tutorial by Kelly of celticcaston
Pretty front panel. 
I'm such a dork but i love how the ktbl (knit through the back loop) stitches really set off the cables.
The sweater was knit with zero ease for me and as you can see the sleeves are a bit long. However, this adds yet another cozy element to the sweater.
I never want to take it off.
If I had a fireplace, this would be the sweater to curl up in, read my book, and drink the mommy juice. ha.
Check out all the lovely Aidez that were knit up as part of the KAL here. And thank you Kelly for hosting, even though I'm months late in saying so!


  1. hurrahhh! it's done! and it looks FANTASTIC!!!! i love it! xoxoxo well done!!! xoxoox

  2. YAY! LOVE IT! Looks so great on you hun! I adore that colorway too and the back is just gorgeous!

  3. ohhh Hannah it looks great! I love the long sleeves, I am a long sleeves type of girl!
    Well done for pushing through and finishing it.

  4. looks so cosy on you.. I love extra long sleeves.
    that color is so perfect in you . Those cables are lovely !

  5. If i thought that sweater would fit me I'd be stealing it from you!
    it is amazingly beautiful! Great job!

  6. Your Aidez is making e feel knitter's ADD. I want to do too many things at once! It really is lovely, especially in the malabrigo. I'll make note of the tutorial for when I finally have a chance to try this.

  7. Oh I love this! You always inspire me to knit more!! I wish I could knit as quickly as you do! Every colour choice is amazing!