Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreiecke and Friends

The only problem with knitting a fingering weight shawl is 
there is very little to show for it for a very long I whipped this up:
The Dreicke Hat, pattern by Shannon Cook
This pattern bears is clearly written, keeps interest and yields great results. 
I used a skein of Cascade 220 from two Christmases ago.
The fit is a little slouchy, but I prefer my hat this way. 
Next time I will use a smaller needle for the ribbing. And there will be a next time! 
This hat would look great in so many yarns and on so many people!
Thank you Shannon, for another rockin' pattern. "luv" it.

Spring has also sprung in our house with a bunch of little cro-critters!
This is Snowball. Hihi!
She's a pear-shaped bunny with lots of love to give. 
Knit in soft (albeit very splitty) alpaca blend...
I used a this pattern as the basis, but made up the ears myself. 
and these little bunnies are named 
Rosa-Ellie and Lavenderra.  
I used the Ugly Bunny pattern and dishcloth cotton.
They have all settled in quite comfortably and are already bff's with my girls.
Happy Spring Everyone!

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