Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Less is More

Last week I vowed to have more Gemini finished, and instead I sadly report that Gemini is no more for the time being. I have to cast on again with smaller needles and to be honest the thought of it has got me...well...twisted. hmph.
I did finish this adorable sweater though...
Baby Sophisticate pattern by Linden Down 
yarn: Berroco Comfort Chunky in Cadet
 cute garter stitch cowl neck. Got to practice my short rows!
managed to find three matching vintage leather buttons in my button stash! 
I highly recommend this pattern. There are so many projects with detailed projects notes for easy size modifications. 
This was  my first experience with Berroco Comfort. I love the stitch definition and the easy care aspect of it, but my needle points did get caught in the yarn a lot and it was kind of splitty.
In other non-knitty news, our move date is set for May 21st! 
Hopefully we'll continue to get healthier not sicker as the day approaches. N and E are pretty good sports though...they don't seem to have any less energy at all despite the runny noses and coughs.
Noelle's latest masterpiece. It's a pig family and the words "dog" and "cat. 


  1. i really really do love the baby sophisticate. i am seriously considering frogging all of the cabling on the baby gramps cardi. hrmmm we'll see. you have done such a lovely job! xoxoxo

  2. What a smart little cardi! Great find on the buttons.
    I'm cheering for you to cast on Gemini again.