Friday, April 20, 2012

Razzle Dazzle Me

I knew this would happen...Ellie finally caught what Noelle had, so she's napping away and Noelle is trying her best to be a good "nurse". Sweetest thing ever.
You know what else is sweet? Binding off a project and making peace with it even though it isn't what it was originally supposed to be.
Two lovely skeins of this yarn...
Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sport 
....originally destined to be a full-sized Rustic Shawl. The pattern is simple and perfect for showing off hand-dyed yarn. I don't even remember when I started this project, but I picked it up again last week.
At that time, I was about to reach the end of my first (lovely, soft, sproingy, delicious) skein of yarn, and I realized that a) I didn't really feel like knitting increasingly longer rows of garter stitch and b) the fabric was knitting up so dense and warm that a full shawl would be too heavy for my personal taste. Gotta roll with the punches!
So here is my "Rustic Shawl Lite"...I named it Razzle Dazzle:
I just loooooove it. 
I'll post better photos once I've blocked it. 

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  1. i looove it hannah! it's gorgeous! and you look fab in it, of course! xo