Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Noelle woke up Easter Sunday sporting a 104 fever. She is still sick but finally seems to be improving a little bit. Being stuck at home isn't all bad. I managed to finish another sweater...The Twiggy sweater, pattern by (surprise) Jane Richmond. It was the perfect project to whip up between KALs.
Knit with large needles in lofty Bernat Roving, this sweater is chunky looking but in this particular yarn feels very light. It's already fuzzing up though, even after blocking. Next time I knit this (and there WILL be a next time, the pattern is so easy and fun!) I will probably go for a sturdier, plied yarn. 
Now, I definitely know how to sew a button. But I wanted to see if there was some special way to sew buttons on knitted "fabric", and I found this great tutorial. Always nice to learn new little tricks. 
Close-up of the cute button loop. Since I had only 8 buttons I just did 7 buttons on the body and one button on the collar. I am on the short side so it worked out perfectly fine. 
sweet Ellie...


  1. ohmygosh hannah! it's amazing! sooo cozy. i have to knit one!!! i'm not sure what yarn i'll use though. let me know when you've decided on the next yarn! great job! xoxo

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  3. Looks great Hannah! I love that color on you too.

    I hope your wee one is feeling better. Man we need to be neighbours hey? At least we could help each other out.

    Sending hugs your way <3