Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Kimchi

I am well aware that the latest KAL hosted by luvinthemommyhood is underway. I finally started knitting on the Gemini after putting it off for a long while, and I'm ready to finish it and move on. I'm excited to choose a new project and get a fresh start.
Speaking of fresh starts, I've been doing my best to adjust to life here. It's a big adjustment coming from New York. The people here are so different and I'm missing the mobility that I had in NY. But the food here is certainly making up for it! There is an abundance of cheap, fresh produce here, so I've been making kimchi, all kinds of glorious kimchi. This is my version using green cabbage (pics and my rough recipe): 

American green cabbage and sea salt.
 garlic, ginger, green onion, giant white radish (mu)
 julienned veggies
kimchi paste: garlic, ginger, red pepper powder, sugar, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, (and LOVE, haha) 
I took a picture of the paste but there was no way to make it look attractive, so here's the finished product.
I hesitate to post actual measurements on the blog because I don't measure when I cook. However, if you are really interested just email me and I'll send approximate measurements. Making kimchi is a very personal thing, that's why it's so rewarding to make and eat!
I've missed all my bloggy friends, but I'm back, nerds! Thanks for all the support during my time of transition. Y'all certainly made it easier for me. 

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