Wednesday, May 30, 2012

love to love

There's a reason behind my silence, it's not you, I swear! 
We are in the midst of a cross-country move (leaving for the airport in a couple hours!)...but I just had to pop in and thank ALMA for my Liebster award! 
"Liebster" means "dearest" in German and the award is given to up-and coming, read-worthy blogs with less than 200 followers. What a cool idea, right! 

Alma is the talented creative force behind the lovely blog "Alma Boheme" which is full of pretty photos and inspirations. Thanks again Alma!

Teilen der liebe (sharing the love):
1. Rebecca
2. Hannah
3. Sandra
4. Melissa
5. Margo

We are supposed to share five things about ourselves.
5 things about me:
1. My favorite food is fried chicken, any way I can get it.
2. Tulips are my favorite flower. 
3. I'd rather knit or crochet than sleep. 
4. Second, third helping > dessert
5. If you cut open my figurative heart, you would find my dear ones, yarn and coffee.  
See you on the other side!


  1. thanks so much for nominating me! how sweet are you!!! and how warm and fuzzy is my heart :) xoxo you and i have much in common it seems! xo

  2. You are very welcome and so serving of it. Thank you for that lovely mention. Had no idea how much we have in common... i love coffee and yarn! Great thing that you nominated nook, she was on my list too. Love that talented girl! Great travels and will be patiently waiting for the telling of your adventures and creations.
    Alma xxx