Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slow and Steady - WIP Wednesday

With all the other stuff going on in our lives right now progress has been slow on my KAL project. While is is a relief on the mommybrain to reach the "knit even" part of the body, the seemingly endless rows of stockinette were starting to wear on me. 
But I'll tell you this...trying on your garment is certainly a great way to revitalize your interest in a project! I put it on waste yarn this morning and the fit is great. I was planning to snap a pic of myself in it but I haven't reached far enough for the picture to be...hrrrrm....decent. Haha. 
Knowing it fits makes me excited to finish and wear it! Hopefully I can wear it for Noelle's birthday. 
There are a few gifts that I have planning to knit and the first one up is this kerchief for my hubby's boss's wife:

 After all the garter stitch and stockinette-in-the round (i.e., garter stitch) I am loving working on this stockinette pattern! I don't detest purling like some people I know (ahem, Shannon). It's so well-written and the garter stitch eyelet is such a clean-looking and effective touch. The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock. While the texture is definitely not the softest, the colors are just amazing and add so much interest to an otherwise simple project. LOVE.


  1. I hate I would have gotten along with Elizabeth Zimmerman - that's how we roll yo! LOL! Your top looks great! I'm the same as you though, I'm having a hard time chugging through. I hope I can make some distance and get my sleeves seperated this weekend.

  2. Great-looking WIPs, love your gemini.