Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playing It Cool

That was the plan.
Of course the weather forecast was wrong and it was raining all day. Exactly the wrong type of weather for yarn shopping.
I forgot my camera. Duh. Sarah was gracious enough to snap pics on her phone.
Also, my sister took the wrong train (uptown instead of downtown). In her own words "HOW long have I lived here?!" Seriously. We both just had to laugh.
mayo.cheese.butter. - corn heaven! 
Not the most elegant shot but oh man was it delicious!
As if that wasn't enough, I also hoovered a plate of fish tacos.
So being a little bedraggled from the rain and after a little misguidance from Sarah's phone (thanks alot g-gle maps!) we finally made it to PURL SOHO. le sigh. 
me at the entrance trying to ignore the "ohmagah look at that tourist" glares from all the hipsters.
the bunny.
the best shot Sarah got of the whole store.
cute neckwarmer display by the entrance.
 um hello yarn candy!

 My "greedy little yarn piggy" photo. (my sister's words). 

 Huge display of KPPM minis. Koigu Pure Premium. Amazing color and display idea. 

 A little more yarn fondling. 
I was so excited to finally experience in person so many of the yarns I have only heard about and also the projects featured in the blog that were displayed around the store. The people working there were sweet and just as enthusiastic as could be. You could tell they all love their jobs! 
It's definitely an overwhelming experience in a great way. I had so much trouble deciding but I was "good", stuck to my budget and here's what I finally decided on:

 Tosh Merino Light in Citrus and Robin's Egg Colorways and Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Thistle.
Thank You Purl Soho! I had the best time!


  1. OMG!!!! Love the shots! The yarn candy is killing me!!!! Cannot wait to see what you make with it all! xoxoxo

  2. ohmyyy! i wish i could have gone with you!!! that is soo gorgeous! i also can't wait to see what you make with it. really good for you for sticking to your budget. i surely would have had a really tough time. lol. xo

  3. Gorgeous!!! You AND the yummy yarn & fab store. Love it all. Looks like you had a ball. Cannot wait to see what you turn those lovelies into.

  4. This is a lovely store as well as a lovely blog. Great pictures and thank you for all that yummy yarn pictures. I have been meaning to go there too. Thanks for this lovely post of a lovely shop!

  5. Holy am I jealous right now!!! What a lucky girl you are. Love your picks.
    Get knitting!