Monday, January 26, 2015


I've been in a fog for, well, months really. Even the holidays went by fairly unceremoniously due to sickness of one family member or another. 

Now it's time to get healthy, get out of the funk, and be productive! 

Speaking of productive, here is Becca, my latest hat pattern. 
yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes
colorway: Icicle Heather

This hat ("toque" if you live north of he-ah) is an easy knit that requires little effort to achieve great looking results. 

Becca, the happy Northerner of Nook, is a knitty pal and I'm so glad our paths crossed many moons ago. 

Dear Becca, 
You are a great listener, fun and funny, not to mention have "mad knitting skillz". You're an amazing mama to that awesome little man! I truly feel that we are kindred spirits and am lucky to have met you! Can't wait to knit (and chow down) with you! So many exclamation points! 
Thank you for your friendship! xo

yarn: Cascade 220 worsted 
colorway: Ruby
Of course I had a most excellent helper to get it looking just right!

Here is the link to the FREE pattern on the Ravelry website. 
Happy Knitting! 
love, Hannah aka ummashin


  1. eeeeeeekkk! you sure know how to give a girl warm fuzzies! I love the toque! And I look forward to knitting it! xoxoxoox

  2. Oh, I love your hat and that it's named after Becca! What a sentimental knit, Hannah.