Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy Monday Folks!

Lets celebrate the weekend being over together with a new pattern shall we! I'd say this week's off to a great start.

JANE is a chunky knitted hat (toque...ha!) featuring squishy ribbed cables and a touch of lace.
Yarn: Brava Bulky
Colorway: Cobblestone Heather

If you're going to knit with acrylic, this is the good stuff!
Requisite weird looking-off-into-the-distance photo.
um, yeah. 

Dear Jane,
Surprise! Fellow piggy and yarn-o-phile. I'll just say I'm lucky to call you a pal. You're an inspiration and I can't wait to nosh and knit together. xo.

More details on Ravelry Pattern Page:

Happy Knitting! 
Love, Hannah AKA UmmaShin


  1. Bravo! I concur with you - Brava is a terrific acrylic to work with. This beanie suits you very well. I will add it.