Monday, August 6, 2012

just knitted

Just Knit It by Susan Ashcroft
This is one of those great patterns that allows your yarn to shine. 
Madeline Tosh Merino light in Citrus Colorway
Mary Maxim Gemstones in Garnet
"i-cord bind-off".
I was confused by the various strategies written up about this bind-off. 
I finally settled on "knit 2, kfbtbl, slip 3, etc." I actually abandoned my Continental ways for the bind-off as I found that holding the yarn my usual way made it even more tedious to knit. 
The size is more a shawlette size. I made it smaller so that I would have enough of the Madtosh leftover for another project. I hate having leftover yarn that sits and sits. 

toddlers and tiaras, anyone? hee hee
love this little face...
smooch attack!

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  1. it's done!! and it looks amazing! i agree, this makes your yarn choice shine. i love it! xoxox