Monday, August 27, 2012

sneak peek

Oh, what's this?
That's right, people. It's a sleeve.
One glorious sleeve of Julissa down (which, incidentally, means the body is DONE).
I don't seem to be exhibiting the symptoms of Sleeve-itis this time around, so hopefully I'll have an FO, not an WIP to show off this Wednesday! cross yer fingers.
mmm, homemade pizza!
Another wee chef, blinded by the California sunshine.
I made this jumper for Noelle quite some time ago. She's growing up, not out, so it still fits her. 
I told her it was a jumper and she interpreted that as a dress for jumping in. hee hee.
My sewing machine is still sitting in the box! The girls really don't need new sewn clothes, so I'm concentrating instead on getting a few useful knit items whipped up for them. Excited! 
Is anyone else's house haunted by a mysterious cookie phantom?


  1. you HAVE been busy! i am LOVING your sweater. gah. it's gorgeous!! and seriously cute jumper! haha including the jumping. those cookies look delish. xoxo

  2. That sweater is glorious! That jumper so perfect for jumping.
    Our cookie phantom strikes after the kids are asleep here.