Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wednesday already!

I should call this "wtf wednesday" instead of "WIP Wednesday" in I can't believe a week has already passed! Noelle's being in school definitely contributed to the days flying by. She is so excited to be in school and is loving her new friends and teachers.
Finished the waist decreases on my Julissa...

Another Just Knit It
This is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Mist colorway.
This poor skein has been through a lot because of my indecisiveness, but as you can see from the bunch of squooshy garter fabric it has finally found its match! 
The Downton Cowl post blocking, for SHANNON
I've been wearing it constantly!


  1. I love the red downton cowl with the blue shirt. Looks lovely.

  2. oooh love the downton cowl! so beautiful :) I really want to try and knit it but lace and me just don't get along :(

    The sweet georgia makes me a bit jealous but I'm glad you found a match for it. I have some Heather Ross fabric that I just can't decide what to make with so I understand your indecisiveness :) your sweater is gorgeous

  3. Ohhhh! YAY! You made my day! So happy to see it on you and blocked! Looks fab! You are ahhhhmazin!

  4. look at all the pretty yarn! the cables look fab on the sweater.

  5. oh my goodness... first of all. you crack me up! wtf wednesday. ha. love it. kind of what has been happening to me when i realize it's wednesday, and my sweater looks NO different. ha. sigh.
    i just finished a downton cowl. love that pattern, hey? and now i want to watch the series all over again :) i am loving all of your yummy yarns. xoxo