Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back on track

I was a little thrown off by the final decreases, but I finally bound off my first sleeve of Aidez:
After I knit Julissa I find myself only wanting to knit patterns with cables and/or lace. 
Lookit these pretty cables.
I want to cast on for the body so badly but I know I should just crank out the second sleeve while the pattern is still fresh in my mind. 
I ended up cabling without a needle, which is surprisingly easy and makes me feel like a knitting superhero every time I do it! haha.
Several ladies have already finished their Aidez and I'm loving all the fall colorways that are popping up. I still love my Malabrigo though...sigh. So Soft. 
Also finished this tiny little baby crochet. So easy and fast.

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  1. congrats on the first sleeve! i've almost caught up to you!! wahoo! your aidez is going to look so lovely! i love the colourway! ok. i have to get back to my sleeve. xoxoxo oh and that crochet dress?! gah. cute!