Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Third Day

I think I've spoken of my little problem before, but when it comes to crafting, I often can't stop working on something until I "get 'er done".
So, I finished her dress...
 pattern: Sweetheart Dress by Shannon of luvinthemommyhood
perfect for playing hide-and-go seek...
looking at the stars...
striking a pose...
and throwing a fit. ha!
I managed to wonkify the most special detail of the whole dress, so I had to "make it work".
Love the topstitching...
and looooooove that it's fully lined. No itchy seams! 
I was originally planning to make two of these dresses, but I just can't seem to bring myself to sew another one right away. That's not I rollz. 
So, the sewing plan for today is to create a simple skirt for Ellie using the leftover fabric. 
See you on on the other side!

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  1. how talented are you?! sewing still scares me. ha. i love the dress. your little one is so very cute in it, even when throwing a fit! haha. oxoxo