Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ruffled - Day 5 and 6

KCWC Day 5 started off with a whole lot of seam ripping. I was determined to turn a never-worn pair of my shorts into a cute skirt for Noelle. FAIL.

Digging around in my stash I found this:
appa's old shirt. Big rip in the sleeve. Jackpot.
I used this tutorial: the ubiquitous Shirt Dress
and this pattern: Sweet Dress

For the ruffle I just cut a double length of stripey fabric and ruffled it up using the highest tension and basting stitch. Then I tacked it on. I left the edges raw on purpose because I prefer the unfinished look 
(plus the fluffiness covers up the less than perfect sewing...ha!)
Since I did the ruffle I nixed the elastic in the sleeves to complement the style. 
I also used the original hem of the dress. Easy peasy.

Waving to her loyal fans...
It's been a gloomy few days so it's difficult to get a proper picture.
I don't know how many shirt dresses I've made but this is the first time I combined patterns and it made me much more confident that it was going to turn out right. Ellie loves her new dress! 
This is my first KCWC and I'm learning so much. The Flickr pool is full of crazy inspiration! 
I miss my yarn, though...there. I said it. Can't wait to finish my last project so I can get back to my needles and fiber. 


  1. the sewing is CRAZY impressive, hannah! your girls look awesome!

  2. Awww, pretty Ellie! Lovely little dress