Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes a knitting project, like many things in life, starts out with the best intentions. It even looks like smooth sailing and clear skies ahead. But then you realize, you made the wrong size. You keep knitting, horribly in denial, until you finally realize you need to move on. Square your shoulders, frog away, cry a little, move on.
It helps when you finally find a new life for the yarn, in this case the original project was Oatmeal Pullover...the pattern is great, but the yarn wasn't quite right for it. 

The yarn is Ella Rae Latte in colorway Majestic Jade, held double. Isn't it lovely?
Noelle had to jump in. My little ham.
The crazy bag lady toddler? Also mine. 
She sure loves the Marian, refused to take it off once she got her paws on it. 


  1. haha oh my goodness, i love the pics of your girls! so sad this yarn didn't work out for the oatmeal pullover, but you know it looks breathtaking in the marian! love it! xoxox

  2. Love this color on you hun! Looks so purdy :)

  3. LOVE IT! I seriously love EVERYTHING you make! I need to make a Marian.....