Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yarn Over

As much as I love working on my Classic Raglan pullover, I needed a break between working on sleeve one and sleeve two. Sleeves present the same problem as mittens...you're so relieved to finish one and then you realize ugh...there's another one.
The Drop Stitch Cowl is the perfect instant gratification project. It is a FREE pattern by Abi Connors of  the awesome blog Spiderwoman Knits and Red Comb Vintage on Etsy. Check out her adventures!

project page for Lemongrass Drop Stitchery
This is one of those great patterns where the result belies the amount of effort needed to create it. It makes super bulky yarn, which is usually so, well, bulky feeling, feel swooshy and even elegant. LOVE. it. 


  1. you are soo quick! i love that cowl, and i've been eying it up lately ;) abi has some great patterns for sure... i am loving LOVING it in green! awesome colour choice! xoxox

  2. Cute! it turned out great.
    Love green and LOVE bulky yarns :)