Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On my way...

Check out my new lovely:

 Commuter Cowl pattern by luvinthemommyhood!
In keeping with the commuting theme I used cotton shirting for this cowl that reminded me of a train conductor uniform. I can't wait to experiment with more fabrics, definitely some brights. I also added an extra knot, because I like my cowls a little closer to my neck. 

While I was sewing this I thought of the countless hours I spent on the train, most recently when I was pregnant with Noelle and commuting to school and work in the city. As long (and painful, esp. as my due date came closer) as those hours were, I actually treasured that time to myself and my little bean, listening to my favorite music. I swear she got her groovy rhythm from the hours-long jam sessions on the train!

If you want to make one for yourself, here is the listing from Shannon's brand new Etsy shop. It's what all the Cool Moms are wearing for Spring!


  1. you've done a great job! i love the story along with it. i really have to sew more. xo

  2. Oh are ahmazing. Love the shirting fabric and the story. Can't wait to see what other fabrics you whip it up in!!! Thanks for the love...xoxox.

  3. WOW! Way to go! I love this! It looks absolutely perfect :)