Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springing Ahead

My goal for the weekend was to sew a simple project to get myself re-acquainted with my sewing machine.I I've been all about the yarn for months and months and have been neglecting it. Poor Janome.

Any-hoo, I decided to make a Simple Skirt. The pattern is by Dana of made. This pattern is a basic skirt pattern with many options, truly "the simplest skirt you will ever make", as she says.

I did modify it a bit. I did two layers and instead of folding both layers together at the top I created a casing by pulling the top layer up 2 inches, folding over and sewing it to the top of the inner layer. I also took the easy way out and used the selvedge edges so I could avoid hemming. Cheater's piping.Yay.  

Noelle loves her new skirt.
The perfect skirt for storytime...
or any time.
I should of taken photos of my sewing steps as I went along, but Noelle was cutting paper "cookies" and Ellie was napping, so I wanted to make sure I finished it before she woke up. I'll get there someday.


  1. ohmygoodness! your girls are the cutest girls ever! i loove these photos! xo happy weekend! and so glad you got some sewing time in! xo

  2. Looks awesome! Love the unfinished edge Hannah. Your girls are so cute! Go Janome go!