Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Distractions

Job searching is a bummer. Knitting therapy - yes please. In what form? Socks. That's right, my FIRST EVER pair of socks. I figured it was time. 

knitpicks Felici sock yarn in Building Blocks Colorway
The pattern is clear and well-written and is one of many cool patterns offered by KNITFreedom. 
It provides links to Judy's Magic Cast-On and "Fleegle Heel". 
I'll admit, even though I've just begun, I'm super excited and can't wait to see how these socks develop! 
I'm officially on the sock train! WOotwOot!
Of course, I'm still working on my KAL project (the size 7 needles feel like clubs after working with size 1's) and also this: 
Oh yeah, I started a Little Colonnade shawl and yes, that is the super-yum Sweet Georgia TLS. This started off as a Rae, then a slip-stitch bandana, then finally the yarn said, hey man, I want to be a Little Colonnade. So I listened, and we are all happy now. Ha. I know I'm  not the only one who talks to my yarn. 
Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. yippee for sock knitting! i'm so sorry the job search is slow for you... the perfect job will come though. i know it. in the meantime... socks sound perfect. just perfect. can't wait to see them! xoxo

  2. the size 7 needles feel like clubs after working with size 1's
    LOL Sooo true!
    Good luck with the job searching :)