Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the blahs

I guess we all have our blah days.
 cooking (and eating) simple, delicious food... 
knitting stripes... (Just Knit It pattern...FREE for the duration of the Olympics!)

...with stash yarn...
...and cuddles...
that's how we beat the blahs around here!
What's your favorite way(s) to chase the blahs away?


  1. how cute!!! that's going to be a lovely shawl! i love your colour choices! and your girls are darling, as always. also. potatoes are one of my fave meals. yes. meals. ha. xo

  2. Sending hugs your way and i promise a bday pressie soon :) You sneaky little minx too...you bought the downton....I would have given it to ya m'dear.