Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Works In Progress

Work In Progress: Castle Pullover
Isn't it so fab? It's such a smart pattern, well written and I can't wait to wear it. 
I cast on the top using Malabrigo worsted in Red Mahogany. I've nearly finished the raglan increases at the top, the arrangement of which is what creates that shapely sleeve. 
I love the subtle color changes that give such depth to the yarn, and it is quite soft and lovely to work with.

It's really difficult for me once I've started a project to resist the urge to work on it 24/7. But I'm learning how to balance things a bit better, especially since Daniel's now returned to work and the girls and I need to develop our new routine.

As Alma mentioned on her blog, her daughter being able to rest in their new home was a comforting sign, and it's the same for me. The children are young, yes, but I'm so grateful to God that they are adapting so well to their new environment. 
 Ellie sleeping in our new home
keeping house
Noelle watching her sister sleep. Love her furry little brows.


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    I love when I saw her napping on her own like that. In a brightly lit room... I wanted to cry and savor the moment. There are still some new noises that she is still getting used to.
    The kids are so good at adapting it helps me too.
    Love your WIP on your needles, that sweater is lovely! I am trying to finish a shawl that started with a pattern then I did my own thing at the end... might be a disaster, we will see.
    So nice to see the girls helping clean. My little girl like to take a wet wipey to everything.
    Enjoy your week in the new home!

  2. i agree, it is so very sweet to see your little one feel so comfortable in the new place :) i also loooooooove the pic of your wip! it's going to be such a beautiful BEAUTIFUL top! xo

  3. I love Malabrigo worsted. It's so squishy and the colour has all those beautiful subtle changes. And I'm loving that pattern too! I really like the neckline - there aren't enough patterns with that kind of neckline, either. Can't wait to see more progress :D

  4. That is such a cool pattern, I love the colour you have chosen for your project. Look forward to watching it progress.


  5. Love the color the yarn and the progress! Just thinking about malabrigo makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside such a delightful yarn to work with.

    I too am trying to pace myself with my knit, I want to work on it 24/7 as well completely obsessed I am :)

  6. Ohhh, Malabrigo is my favorite. I want to sleep in a bed of Malabrigo. I also love the pattern. Can't wait to see yours.