Friday, July 6, 2012


Bound off this beauty today:

yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock
 close-up of the self-striping goodness...
difficult to capture the vibrancy of the color on camera
me thinking about how much I love my new kerchief.
The yarn isn't the softest, I'll admit, but I'm confident that a nice soak and blocking should help. 
The pattern is one of those great patterns that truly would work with any gauge of yarn. It's written for DK weight and I used fingering weight and I love the result just fine. The pattern is explained very clearly, right down to the number of increases, stitch counts, etc. Highly recommend it. 
Happy weekend wishes from our house to yours!


  1. hannah! i have to invade your house and see your yarn stash! seriously! noro! i looove. i am sure that a soaking will soften up the beauty of your kerchif. it's so lovely! well done! xoxoo

  2. Gorgeous! Love those colours! I have that pattern in my queue for what seems like forever. Now I have this urge to knit it...

    I love the colours of Noro, but not a fan of how crunchy it is. I made a shawl using Noro's Retro and it softened up a bit and it lost the crunchiness after a wash. From time to time it seems stiff but I haven't had any issues with wearing it. Good luck! :)

  3. this a lovely Noro kerchif!