Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday - roadblock

Knitting goal for the week reached: 1st half of lace pattern. 
Except...when I tried it on using my nifty Knitpicks cable connectors...
Options Interchangeable Knitting Needle Cable Connectors by Knit Picks
alas, I discovered the fit was way off.
The neckline is so loose that unless I pose like this the sweater almost drops off my shoulders entirely. It's baggy, but not in a flattering way. Hats off to all you gauge gurus out there...apparently being off by 1/2 a stitch makes a huge difference. Sigh. 
I feel like if I knit with a smaller needle it would make the resulting fabric too dense and heavy for this particular pattern. I think I have to declare "mismatch" and rip back. Double sigh. 
These certainly make me feel better:
Aren't the colors just awesome? They really make me smile every time i look at this sock.
That's the beauty of having multiple projects OTN! I'm slo loving all the projects that I'm seeing so far in this KAL. Lots of awesome FO's that are being queued on the daily! Fun fun fun! 


  1. FOCUS ON THE SOCKS! and all will be well :) [do you have other yarn in your stash you could try out and swatch? the pattern is so great!!]

  2. So sorry! The yarn looks yummy and I'm sure you'll find the perfect pattern for it. But until then the socks will keep you going :) They're gorgeous too :)

  3. Sorry about the size problems, your knit was looking fabulous, love the pattern you chose. The socks are wonderfully cheery :-D

  4. Rats! Sorry to hear of your sweater woe's :(
    Maybe its just moving over to make way for the perfect pattern!

  5. Oh no! Exactly what worries me about my next knitting project. Not sure I could face getting that far and it not fitting. Good luck with the fab socks!

  6. So sorry about your sweater's fit! It was looking so great too! At least you have the awesomely colored sock yarn to distract you!

  7. i totally agree with annie! focus on the socks. xoxoxoxo i know you'll find the perfect yarn for your pattern though. xoxoxox

  8. Too bad about the sweater, but I don't know how you don't smile just looking at those socks! I think that working on them is the perfect pick me up after frogging your sweater.

  9. Oh no! It is so frustrating when a pattern/yarn combo does not work out like we want it to. What are you going to do with that gorgeous yarn now? Don't true knitters always have at least one other project OTN?(or is that just me)

  10. the sock yarn! I can't wait to start using my Felici. I know I'm going to become addicted!!!

    Hugs about the rip back....xoxox.