Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Knitting for the Little

I've been a very selfish knitter recently and finally decided to make something for Noelle as she has been begging me to make her a sweater:
I'm going to make the shirt version using mods I found on different project pages using this Berroco Vintage.

Knitting for the littles also entails whipping up clothes and accessories for their various "babies". Latest fashion item: 
tiny little vest made of scrap yarn. took less than an hour.
As you can see, it was much appreciated!

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  1. yippee for more knitting! and that little doll sweater? adorable! haha i love it! i have been feeling selfish too, but lots of my other knitting have been for the market... as i'm working on toys now, owen is being pretty insistent that i knit him a toy too. ha. like he doesn't have enough knitted toys? but then how can i say no? :) xo